Hollande felt sad during the vote of non-participation in the presidential elections

Francois Hollande

French President Francois Hollande admitted that he is sad due to the fact that he did not take part in the presidential elections, the first round of which takes place on Sunday, April 23. He said this to reporters after the vote, outside the polling station, reports “Interfax”.

“There’s always a sadness when elections are held. Especially when you’re not on the ballot, it’s true,” said the French President.

Hollande voted at a polling station in Tulle (corrèze Department), the mayor of which he was in 2001-2008. The Agency notes that Hollande was met with applause.

At the same time, the President added, “don’t have to live with nostalgia, we must always live with hope and desire.”

According to 12:00 (13:00 Moscow time), the voter turnout in the first round of presidential elections in France amounts to 28,54 percent. About it reports Reuters with reference to data of the Ministry of internal Affairs, which is responsible for organizing the vote.

To date, voted for all the major candidates in the race. Former Minister of economy of France, the candidate of the movement “Forward” Emmanuel macron on the site looked relaxed, reports TASS. He willingly communicated with other voters and posed for a group selfie.

The candidate from the party “national front” marine Le Pen smiled voters and the press, and before the vote, personally greeted all the representatives of the electoral Commission. The candidate of the party “the Republicans” Francois Fillon, who voted in the municipality of Paris, had to stand in a queue to receive the newsletter.

According to recent polls conducted in France on Friday, April 21, the lead in the presidential race was the Emmanuel Macron — it was supported by 24 percent. In support of Le Pen spoke of 21.5 percent.

In France, there are about 45.6 million voters.

The second round will take place on may 7.