UK for the first time in 135 years lived a day without the use of coal

UK for the first time since the industrial revolution carried the day without the use of coal to generate electricity, reports “Bi-bi-si” with reference to the national operator of the electricity National Grid.

April 21 was the first day without coal since 1882, when London launched the first centralized coal generator. The company named this date as the turning point for changes in the energy system of the country.

As reported at the National Grid, roughly half of the energy produced in the country on April 21 came to the gas, a quarter at a nuclear power plant. Also was involved in wind power station that runs on biofuel, and the amount of electricity purchased from the neighbors.

In December 2015 in the UK stopped working the country’s last deep coal mine — mine Killingly, located in the County of West Yorkshire.

The British government is shifting away from coal-fired power plants replacing them with nuclear and gazelektronika. In 2016, coal-fired plants accounted for only about nine percent of the energy. The last such enterprise is scheduled to close by 2025. This is due to the attempt of the authorities to find a balance between reducing CO2 emissions with the need to protect consumers from rising prices.