The Communist party criticized the initiative for the burial of Lenin’s body


RIA Novosti

The Deputy Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee Valery Rashkin in conversation with NSN commented on the initiative for the burial of the body of Vladimir Lenin, introduced in the state Duma deputies from fractions of LDPR and “United Russia”.

“If someone is tired of a stable society, the correspondence of our history. It is not necessary to rewrite, it is necessary to respect their parents, who made the decision (on the establishment of the mausoleum. — RT) legally. This sentence is thrown in, to make confusion in the society. Someone that eats like ghouls. They feed on the fact that people are arguing that they are annoyed, go at each other”, — said Rashkin.

April 20, deputies of the state Duma from fractions “United Russia” and LDPR introduced a bill providing legal framework for burial of the remains of Vladimir Lenin. According to deputies, the bill timed to the birthday of the leader of the Bolsheviks on April 22.

Earlier it became known that, according to the survey, more than 80% of Russians support the burial of Lenin’s body.