Spiegel reported a spying by German intelligence at Interpol

The Federal intelligence service of Germany (Bundesnachrichtendienst, BND) has been spying on the activities of Interpol. On Saturday, April 22, Spiegel reports, citing sources.

According to the newspaper, the BND had been tapping not only the headquarters of Interpol in Lyon, but a separate Bureau in Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Italy, USA, Russia and Latin America — more than a dozen offices.

It is noted that the surveillance started in 2000.

German intelligence intercepted calls, emails operatives who were in the special services list.

Besides Interpol, the surveillance was carried out and Europol — European police structure, located in the Hague, and also for state police services in several countries.

In July 2016, the media reported about the wiretap BND executives and senior officials of dozens of countries participating in the European Union and NATO partners.

Similar accusations against the German intelligence service was made in the autumn of 2015.