Sean Bean has called his favorite death in the movie

Sean Bean has called his favorite death in the movie

British actor Sean Bean spoke about his favorite death scene of his character in the movies. His words reports Entertainment Weekly.

According to the artist, the death of Boromir in the film “the Lord of the rings: the fellowship of the ring” he likes most of all. “This is my favorite scene of the death, and I played a lot. More heroic death and not think”, — stressed Bean.

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In the film directed by Peter Jackson, filmed on the novel by English writer John Ronald Tolkien “the Lord of the rings” character Bina is killed during an unequal battle with the orcs.

Many of the characters in the performance of Bina die in the film. Among them is agent 006 from films about James bond “Golden eye”, Errol partridge from “Equilibrium” and Ned stark from the TV series “Game of thrones”. In 2014 the portal Nerdist analyzed the movies and TV shows with the actor and came to the conclusion that the number of deaths was ahead of him by Bela Lugosi, John hurt and Vincent Price.