At the train station in Paris detained armed with a knife man

At the North station in Paris arrested a man armed with a knife. On Saturday, April 22, reports channel BFMTV.

Unknown entered the building of the station with a knife in his hand. On-duty police were informed and arrested him.

It is noted that the man did not resist. The presence of weapons, he explained that “he feared for his life.” The police said that since the beginning he was not a threat.

Hannah Bayman (@hannahbayman)
April 22, 2017, 13:53

The incident caused panic among passengers, many left their Luggage and began to run.

The evening of 20 April on the Champs elysées in Central Paris skirmish, which killed a policeman. The attack occurred three days before the first round of presidential elections in France, scheduled for April 23. The responsibility for what happened took on banned terrorist group “Islamic state”.