The heaviest woman in the world dropped 250 kg after surgery

The heaviest woman in the world dropped 250 kg after surgery

The Egyptian eman Abd El-ATI, recently weighed 500 pounds, had a complicated surgery in an Indian hospital, in which she lost half her weight.

Eman spent bariatric surgery two months ago, but now the hospital management published photographs of patients undergoing rehabilitation treatment.

Bariatric surgery (also known as obesity surgery) is used for the treatment of obesity and weight management in patients with body mass index in excess of 35-40 units. In the world mainly used the gastric band, sleeve gastroplasty and gastric bypass.

The statement of the surgeon of Mustafali of Lakdawalla States that the patient continues to lose weight, but she’s partially paralyzed by the stroke, moved in his childhood, and suffers from seizures. In addition, while she couldn’t talk.

For the next six months eman Abd El-ATI will take special drugs to treat obesity.

Relatives of the women said that at birth she weighed five pounds, she was diagnosed with “elefantes” or “elephant disease”. In this disease, strongly increased extremity due to the painful growth of skin and subcutaneous tissue.

In 11 years the girl’s weight began to grow rapidly, and she suffered a stroke, which confined her to her bed. Now about the woman taking care of her mother and sister. Relatives of Egyptian women say that because of its weight eman hasn’t left the house for 25 years.