In the Omsk region the new road was washed away at the first flood

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In the Omsk region, the flood washed a new road a few months ago. She was in the village Sarafovo message which is temporarily lost, reports “Omsk-the inform”.

The flooding started a week ago. The pond, located on the edge of the village, began to spill. Melt water was coming so fast that laid under road drainage lines can’t handle it.

Local residents claim that the road workers were in a hurry with the roads, worked in shifts and did not stop even in forty-degree frosts, and this had an impact on its final quality. Construction company involved in this, promises in the coming days to restore the path for its own account and to correct previous deficiencies.

Now for the village urgently laid a temporary bypass road. Without Saratova can’t get the trucks or emergency vehicles.

In April 2016, the year the inhabitant of Omsk Ekaterina Chernenko during the direct line with President Vladimir Putin stated about the terrible quality of the roads in the city. The next day at city hall reported that during the day repaired four thousand square meters of roads. Later Chernenko has denied the statement of the city authorities.