In Poland will carry nearly 500 monuments, “glorifying communism”

In Poland will carry nearly 500 monuments, “glorifying communism”

WARSAW, 21 APR — RIA Novosti. The Senate (upper house of Parliament) of Poland approved the second and final reading amendments to the law on de-communization, which involve the demolition of about 500 monuments “glorifying communism”, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

In April last year in Poland has enacted a law on de-communization, which involves a ban on the propaganda of totalitarian regimes in the names of buildings, roads, streets, bridges or squares. Under the propaganda refers to the use of names, names of organizations, events or dates, “symbolizing communism or any other totalitarian regime.”

According to the new amendments that are adopted at the initiative of senators from the ruling party “law and justice” Jaroslaw Kaczynski, demolition are also monuments and memorial stones, “glorifying communism”.

According to the Governor, the country is set to approximately 490 of such monuments.

It is expected that monuments will be dealt with after consultation with the Institute of national remembrance, the law will not apply to objects that are installed in the cemeteries, and not displayed in public.

A few days ago the Director of the third European Department of the MFA of Russia Sergey Nechayev told reporters that the adoption in Poland of the law, allowing to take down the Soviet monuments can have irreparable consequences for relations between Warsaw and Moscow.

“We warned the colleagues of the Polish that in the case of the adoption of these amendments to the law on de-communization, and especially in the case of the implementation of these amendments in practical terms in relation to our memorials, (it) would be very difficult, if not irreparable consequences for bilateral relations,” said Nechayev.

However, he noted that among the “acute practical issues” in bilateral relations on one of the most important places is the “historical and memorial perspectives, and the status and security of the Soviet and Russian military graves, cemeteries and memorials that, according to the key bilateral agreements at the interstate and intergovernmental levels of the 1990-ies, the Polish side needs to be protected and they must be provided with adequate care”.

“Here we see serious gaps on the Polish side, because the number of acts of vandalism, unauthorized dismantling of graves and how we Express ourselves, desecration of graves and monuments, they are worsening and I would say, very alarming size,” he added.

The diplomat noted that the Russian side, including “the Russian foreign Ministry regularly responds to all such incidents, calling to provide care and security to prevent a repetition of such incidents, to find and punish those responsible and restore the damage.”

“Unfortunately, this has been achieved not always. We will continue to exercise in this respect, consistency, perseverance and no retreat from our principled line in this matter can not be”, — said the Director of the Department of the foreign Ministry.