A student tried to draw a guy with self-presentation in Power Point and failed

A student tried to draw a guy with self-presentation in Power Point and failed

American student Lizzie Fenton (Fenton Lizzy) prepared for a guy named Carter, presenting themselves in Power Point, which painted its advantages. However, the young man did not appreciate the effort girls, but the presentation is like Microsoft, writes The Independent.

In the first slide of the presentation “Why you should date me,” Fenton pointed out that if the family is exasperated by his talk that it’s time to find a serious girl, she is the best candidate for this position.

I just emailed this powerpoint to my crush Carter do you think it’ll work :// pic.twitter.com/xHN1bYSdL6

— Lizzy Fenton (@LizzyFenton) 27 Mar 2017

“I’m a great conversationalist and can carry on a conversation at dinner with your parents. I dress well and look stylish at thanksgiving, at family gatherings and other events.” — said Lizzie. The approval of the mother should call and great sense of humor girl.

Another argument in favor of a Fenton — she was prepared to tolerate polygamy boyfriend, and if and will to fight it, only original ways, for example, hairstyles with which she is able to transform into three different people.

In the slide called “My breast has demonstrated a steady growth over time,” the girl cites calculations showing that by 2025, the coverage of one of her Breasts closer to the coverage of the human head and is approximately 57 inches.

Fenton also published a presentation on Twitter at the end of March. In a short time the recording has gained viral popularity on the microblogging platform, but the desired effect had no effect. According to the girl, Carter sent a message to her: “Very nice. Please do not write me more.”

However, creative American women appreciated the SMM-Microsoft. In response to the write Lizzie a person leading a Twitter account, the company said: “You forgot to specify one important thing: “Awesome doing Power Point presentations. Lizzie Fenton””.