Young and beautiful: what are the requirements for stewardesses in the world

Young and beautiful: what are the requirements for stewardesses in the world

MOSCOW, 19 Jul — RIA Novosti, Anna Mikhailova. White smile, nice voice and perfect figure — modern flight attendants are reminiscent in many ways of models. On the eve of the Tushino court of Moscow rejected the claim of the employee “Aeroflot” on the recognition of discriminatory requirements to the size of the clothes flight attendants. Thus, the internal regulations of the air carrier, and regulatory dimensions of staff, recognized.

The arguments of “Aeroflot” is simple: the workspace of the flight attendants inside the aircraft is very limited, and in order not to disturb colleagues and passengers, it needs to be a certain physique.

In addition, the greater the weight of the conductor, the greater the fuel consumption

Someone such criteria may seem offensive, but this is not the most stringent requirements that apply global airline.

A definite answer to the question, what is the age limit to work as a flight attendant, not, as in some countries, for example in the UK, airlines are not allowed to enter an age limit when applying for a job. On average, European airlines summary will be accepted from applicants aged 18 to 56 years. There are, however, exceptions.

However, us airlines are not so liberal in this matter. Thus, the largest carrier in the United States — Delta Air Lines is hiring flight attendants not older than 25 years, height not less than 165 centimeters and weighing no more than 65 pounds.

Attempts to deceive a potential employer can end the embarrassment — at the interview, candidates are weighed and measured.

In General, the requirement to weight — one of the most common when applying for a job in foreign airlines.

To calculate whether your ratio this formula twice, divide your weight by height in meters.

The year before, the company Air India has issued a warning to 600 staff from about 3500 necessary to lose weight within six months if they want to keep your job. When this normal for women, according to the airline, was recognized as the body mass index from 18 to 22.

For simplicity, many airlines just limit the size of not more Russian 44-46, but there are more detailed requirements

For example, the French company Aigle Azur strict requirements on the hips of flight attendants — up to 100 centimeters. In the China Southern Airlines do not charge owners more shoes 36 size.

And popular airline of the United Arab Emirates, Emirates attaches particular importance to breast size stewardesses. It should not exceed 75C. However, we can say that this airline is only interested in the appearance of the employees. Emirates flight attendants must also know the history of their country. Apparently, from these considerations, there are hiring only those who are born in the UAE.

As for growth, the spread of more democratic — from 157 to 188 cm

Most importantly, the flight attendants were easily reached to the shelf above the passenger seat and was able to get out Luggage weighing up to 10 kilograms.

Another important anatomical aspect — perfect smile

Most foreign airlines have specific requirements for the hygiene of the mouth, smooth teeth, absence of color crowns, braces and other foreign elements, including piercing. Earrings in the “wrong places” are generally common taboos, along with a tattoo (even where they are no one but you sees), scars, birthmarks and long nails.

Under the ban often fall and conventional jewelry. So, in the infamous American airlines United Airlines flight attendants can’t wear more than four rings (two on hand). Other American company — the low-cost carrier JetBlue warns of flight attendants from any accessories that “do not fit to the uniform.”

Do not overlook hair. Besides the obvious prohibition on causing purple hairstyle like Mohawk or dreadlocks, the airlines clearly prescribe how to look like the head of a flight attendant. British Airways can not have hair below the shoulders. United Airlines prohibit flight attendants to wear a mustache and beard. There is an unusual prohibition for men to use makeup.

At the same time, flight attendants are obliged to paint the lips with lipstick or gloss. American Airlines, in turn, instructs the crew to follow the hair in the nose and ears.

The airlines staff are not only masters of their skin, hair and nails, but even your personal life

In many companies, for example, the German Lufthansa, Jet Airways or Indian British British Airways, the stewardesses are required to be married and not have children.

On the one hand, this is due to concern about a hypothetical family. After all, the job of a flight attendant threat, and airlines don’t want to take responsibility for the children, which in the case of the crash will remain orphans. Moreover, because of the constant flights from the flight attendants is not much time for family. And yet many find these requirements to be discriminatory, noting that the person has the right to prioritize.

Gradually, under public pressure, strict rules of the airlines are changing. So, in 2015, the prestigious Qatar Airways was in the center of the scandal with the dismissal of flight attendants who become pregnant or married before the expiration of five years of work in the company. After the policy carrier was condemned by the international labour organization under the auspices of the UN, the restrictions were lifted.