In Paris in the shooting death of a police officer

Continued: Witnesses said the details of the attack on the police in Paris

In a shootout in Paris killed a police officer, two of his colleagues were injured, reports Reuters. The gunman was eliminated.

The incident occurred on Thursday evening, April 20, in the Champs Elysees area. Twitter police Department reported that the district conducted a special operation. According to the correspondent of the Agency involved helicopter support.

Police are urging people to limit visits to the area of the incident. In law enforcement bodies assume that the attackers were two.

The attack occurred three days before the first round of presidential elections in France.

On the morning of 18 March, the man opened fire on police in North of Paris after his car was stopped for inspection. The first driver showed the documents and then pulled out guns and started shooting. It has affected police officer. The offender fled, then he attacked the military in the South terminal of Orly airport. The attacker was shot.