Artist-actionist from France hatched their first egg

Artist-actionist from France hatched their first egg

French artist-actionist Abraham Poincheval, began an experiment to wesieyan chicken eggs with the aim to feel what feels the hen has achieved a hatching chicken.

While a newborn bird refuses to leave the shell, and the overall performance is still far from complete: the actor is waiting for the hatching eight Chicks to stay with them for another three days in a transparent plastic cage.

Only then actionist will be able to return to his family.

The artist began a long-term sitting on eggs in a glass vivarium Paris Museum Palais de Tokyo 29 March — about three weeks ago.

Given his weight, he’s not on the walls, and a specially adapted chair, under the seat of which is capacity. As soon as the chicken started to peck the shell, the artist had to stand up.

Throughout the performance, titled “Œuf” (Egg) Poincheval was wrapped in a thermal blanket, invented by a Korean artist-actionist Dream Liu Li and is designed to maintain a high body temperature.

44-year-old contemporary artist is known for the fact that floated inside a closed plastic bottle on the river Rhone, lived 13 days in the stuffed bear at a Paris Museum of hunting and nature, feeding on worms and beetles in an attempt to imitate the bear’s diet, and earlier this year spent a week immured between the two parts of the 12-ton stone, and the contours of his body, but also air holes were pre-cut piece of rock.

Voici les premiers poussins sortis des œufs couvés par l artiste Abraham Poincheval au Palais de Tokyo à Paris ??

— France Bleu (@francebleu) 19 APR 2017

However, hatching chicken eggs, despite the seemingly banal description of the experience was perhaps not the most sophisticated of set himself the task of actionist: he could afford to leave the transparent cells are not more than half an hour a day, defecated in a special box under the chair and could only eat “warming” foods, in particular, ginger, to keep the temperature of the masonry at 37 degrees.

“It was very hard. He slept on the eggs. It was much more difficult than to sit immured in stone,” said the press Secretary of the Museum.

Some critics called Poincheval the most extreme artist of France.

Premier Le poussin d’#AbrahamPoincheval a vu le jour hier soir ?Suivez le direct

— Palais de Tokyo (@PalaisdeTokyo) 19 APR 2017

In the beginning of the experiment with the eggs, the artist looked down and avoided make eye contact with visitors, but subsequently, as the fouling of his face a beard he is confident in the success of his undertaking.

As noted by the artist’s father Christian Poincheval, famous for the development of pills to give intestinal gas of the fragrance of a rose, had a son in childhood was a favorite manual Chuck.

Whole chicken fry, which will be born by the efforts of the actionist will spend my life in abundance on a picturesque farm in South-West France, says the family of the artist.

On the performance of Abraham was inspired by the classic tale by guy de Maupassant, “Tuan”, in which the paralysed wife of the owner of the cabaret uses the heat of his body hatched.

Pensavalle hopes to soon realize his childhood dream and “walk on clouds”, but what he understands this concept and how it intends to implement it, the artist were not disclosed.