Arguing with the speaker of St. Petersburg legislative Assembly, the journalist received a summons



Journalist Sergei Kagermazova, who is Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Vyacheslav Makarov previously promised to send in the army, was given a summons to the military enlistment office at the Parliament building. On Wednesday, April 19, reports MR7.

“Soon as I get out of the Mariinsky Palace, when I jumped to a man in civilian accompanied by two police officers”, — told the publication of Kagermanov. He added that he was obliged to appear before the draft Board on April 25.

The journalist suggested that Makarov has a direct relation to the incident.

The speaker of the Parliament, in turn, expressed hope that Kagermanov “will be a real conscript, not a draft Dodger”. “I am convinced that, after performing a sacred duty, he’ll come back stronger” — quoted Makarov Agency “Rosbalt”. He also stressed that “has never threatened anyone and did not threaten”.

In February Sergey Kagermanov at the briefing asked Makarov, do not be ashamed if he could get a “small salary”. In response, the MP said that he never raised the issue of money, and then said the name of the reporter and offered to send him to the army.