The defense Ministry has commented on reports of intercept two Tu-95 in Alaska

The defense Ministry has commented on reports of intercept two Tu-95 in Alaska

The Russian defense Ministry confirmed that American F-22 fighter jets escorted the Russian strategic bombers Tu-95 near Alaska. Intercept two Russian military planes were previously reported by FoxNews channel.

The Russian defense Ministry said that talking about the events of 17 April. That day, two strategic bombers Tu-95MS airbase Ukrainka (Amur region) has successfully completed the tasks according to plan of air patrol. The flight route passed through neutral waters over the Pacific ocean along the Aleutian Islands, emphasizes the Ministry of defense.

The report said that the Russian aircraft flew about 5 thousand kilometers at speeds up to 850 km/h and altitudes up to 10 thousand meters. “The flight duration was more than 7 hours. Over international waters near Alaska Tu-95MS bombers were accompanied by F-22 U.S. air force for 27 minutes”, — quotes the message of the defense Ministry, “RIA Novosti”.

The Russian defence Ministry also noted that the pilots of Distant aircraft, according to the plan, regularly fly at air patrols in the waters over neutral waters of Arctic, Atlantic, Black sea, Pacific ocean. All flights of Russian air force “were carried out in strict accordance with International rules of using airspace over neutral waters without violating the borders of other States,” says the defense Ministry.

On Tuesday Fox News, citing government sources reported that American F-22 fighters were raised to intercept two Russian Tu-95 bombers. According to the channel, two Tu-95 flew at a distance of about 100 miles (160 km) from the American island of Kodiak and 280 miles (450 km) South-West of the U.S. air force base Elmendorf. It was reported that sent to intercept the planes were flying parallel courses of about 12 minutes. Thereafter, both the Tu-95 turned around and went back to Russia.

The latest incident of approaching Russian bombers to the borders of the United States took place on 4 July 2015, during the celebration of the independence Day of USA

The Russian aircraft that day, without going into American airspace, flew up to the coast of California. The interception was raised twice fighter of the U.S. air force. A source in the Pentagon when told that during convergence the pilot of the Russian Tu-95 congratulated the American colleagues on the holiday.