In India a bus fell into the abyss

India fell into the abyss of a passenger bus. About it reports Reuters.

The incident occurred in the Northern state of Himachal Pradesh, which enjoys great popularity among tourists. The bus in which there were 46 persons, was moving on a mountain road near the town of Nerva. For unclear reasons, the car fell off a cliff in a gorge, the bottom of which flows the river. According to the latest reports, 44 people were killed. Two of them managed to escape the conductor and one of the passengers managed to jump out of the bus before he began the slide down the slope.

Previous accident of a similar scale occurred in Himachal Pradesh in 2011. Then fell into the abyss of the truck with the guests going to the wedding. The driver lost control on a narrow mountain road, killing 33 people.

The number of fatal accidents India ranks first in the world. In 2015 year in road accidents killed nearly 150 thousand people. Data for the year 2016 not yet published.