Deputies will be obliged to inform the faction about their bills

Deputies will be obliged to inform the faction about their bills

It fight eccentric and initiatives with departmental lobbying, he said.

State Duma deputies should be required to notify their groups about the introduction of the bills. Question about it was discussed Tuesday at a Council of the lower chamber. A corresponding amendment to the Duma regulations will be made soon, said the source, “Vedomosti” close to the leadership of the chamber. Informed all MPs of the new convocation were encouraged to consult with experts and colleagues in the faction to introduce bills, but not all the members a recommendation that was heard, told journalists after a meeting of the Board first Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Ivan Melnikov (CPRF), head of the permanent working group on rules (it is, according to Melnikov, had prepared the amendments).

The problem of entering the state Duma are not consistent with the fraction of bills in recent years has become particularly relevant for the “United Russia”.

Such claims were put forward by the leadership of the faction and the party, in particular, addressed to the chair of the Committee on security and combating corruption Vasily Piskareva and his first Deputy Ernest Valeeva (they have made ready a few years a package of amendments to the law “On police”), the Deputy of several convocations Vladislav Reznik (the bill on the admission of insurers to medical secrecy) and St. Petersburg Deputy Vitaly Milonov, who made the acclaimed initiative on introduction of additional restrictions for social networking, including a ban on their use for children under the age of 14. Certain colleagues still don’t want to consult, says Deputy Secretary General Council of “United Russia” the Duma Deputy Yevgeny Revenko: “But I don’t think you need some punishment. Policies, such actions devalue yourself is the most important punishment for him.”

Opposition factions say that they have such problems already solved.

“In the previous convocation this happened, members of the faction, whose names I do not want to call it, was made a thoughtless initiative, then had to persuade them to withdraw,” — said the Chairman of the state Duma from LDPR Igor Lebedev. According to him, in this convocation, the liberal Democrats decided that all initiatives pass through the Presidium of the faction, so the problem of uncoordinated projects no longer applies. However, even if the deputies did not carry out party decisions, no penalties applied to them because the MP is independent, Lebedev stresses, so the liberal Democrats have long advocated for the introduction of the imperative mandate. In “Fair Russia” have this problem, too, says Mikhail Emelyanov: “It was resolved two convocations earlier — now all initiatives pass through the working group and the Council of the faction”. Emelyanov believes that it is necessary to abolish the sole introduction of the bills by the MPs to change the law so that they could only make factions or a large group of deputies, “because the MP still represents the interests of the faction”. It happens that MPs are making their bills, but at a fraction then they are not blame and “debriefing” no, says the Communist Chicken Alex: “Apparently, United Russia make these corrections, as always, for themselves.”

At the Duma United Russia has two features: a very large faction and a number of eccentric MPs, said political analyst Alexei Makarkin. Another issue — departmental lobbying to bypass the faction, who want to exclude, he adds. Informal rules are not enough, change the rules within factions is also not enough — samovyrazheniya deputies difficult to obey him, to do with them as nothing is impossible, so you need a good argument concludes Makarkin.