Accused in US of fraud Roman Seleznev signed a confession

Accused in US of fraud Roman Seleznev signed a confession

Accused in US of fraud citizen of Russia Roman Seleznev signed a confession and asked forgiveness for their actions.

“I accept full responsibility for everything. I’m afraid of punishment… I Hope that I will one day be released from prison. I’m going to work very hard to pay my debt to victims and society. I will honestly work”, — quotes “RIA Novosti” the text of the letter of the Novel Selezneva.

This letter, the Russians signed on the eve of the verdict in court in Seattle, scheduled for April 21. According to court documents referenced by the Agency, the prosecution requires him to 30 years in prison, despite the confession.

Recall, a jury in Seattle found the son of the Deputy of the state Duma of the Novel Selezneva guilty of fraud. According to the U.S. attorney’s office, Roman Seleznev hacked into secure computers and steal personal information of users. The damage from his activities is estimated at $170 million.

American intelligence agencies have arrested Roman Seleznev in the summer of 2014 in the Maldives with the permission of the local authorities. His father, a state Duma Deputy from LDPR Valery Seleznev, said the arrest of his son’s kidnapping. This is also the position of the Russian foreign Ministry.

U.S. authorities say that a criminal case against Russian was opened in 2011. It is believed that the Russians stole nearly 2 million credit card numbers. His personal benefit, cybercrime is $17 million, the prosecution argues that the son of the Russian Deputy was hiding under nicknames nCuX and 2pac. The crimes of which accuse Roman Seleznev, occurred in the period from 2007 to 2014, but for the first time under the name cybermount nCuX appeared on the Internet 14 years ago.