Human rights activists accused the US of leading to civilian victims of negligence in Syria

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US forces have not taken necessary precautions in order to avoid civilian casualties in the strike in Syria. The attack was committed in the province of Aleppo on March 16, killing at least 38 people. It is reported by Human Rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW).

The 16-page report notes that the United States are unable to determine what is selected as the attack, the building is the mosque, and did not realize that soon was to begin a prayer.

Human rights defenders also noted that he had not found evidence that during the attack at the mosque were members of any terrorist group.

The representative of HRW’s OLE Solvang said that us authorities must figure out “what went wrong, to start doing homework before the start of the attacks and make efforts for it not to happen again.”

The American authorities promised to investigate the circumstances of the incident. In particular, to find out whether there were victims among the civilian population and was subjected to the bombardment of the building of the mosque, the report said.