Erdogan called the referendum “victory over the crusaders”

Erdogan called the referendum “victory over the crusaders”

ANKARA, April 17 — RIA Novosti. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that a positive outcome of the referendum on moving to a presidential system was achieved despite the opposition of “those who have the worldview of the crusaders.”

The last day before the constitutional referendum in Turkey on the transition to the presidential form of government with a parliamentary ended with the victory of his supporters with a narrow margin.

According to preliminary results, they have won 51.4% of votes.

Final results will be announced through 11-12 days after appeals. The opposition stated about violations during the referendum, in particular, criticizing the decision of the electoral Commission to count valid ballots and envelopes without stamps.

“We fought against all the enemies that attacked us, those who have the worldview of the crusaders. But as a nation we survived. We can only bow in front of our shrines and more to anyone,” said Erdagan, speaking to his supporters at Ankara airport after returning from Istanbul where he was during the referendum.

According to him, once in November 2019, according to the constitutional amendments, Turkey becomes a presidential Republic, it will be even stronger. “Last night was running flare, which aims in November 2019. Ahead of a new victory, but they won’t drown,” added the Turkish leader.