“Dancer”, the female leopard became a mother

“Dancer”, the female leopard became a mother

The fgbi “Land of leopard” had a unique video of the female leopard Beri (Leo 4F) and her two kittens. The wild cat caught in camera traps installed in the reserve “Kedrovaya Pad”, reports save-leopard.ru.

Judging by the video, the kittens who are about four months, and the female healthy. Now Barry gets food for their children and teaches them the basics of hunting. Cat’s first litter.

“We managed to make a really pleasant discovery, having received the coveted footage of Barry and her kittens. When it was revealed who exactly was captured on video, our delight knew no bounds, because accurate information about the marital status of this female managed to get first. I am sure that we have received video footage — the beginning of a new fascinating stories,” said research engineer in the “Land of the leopard” Viktor Storozhuk.

All-Russian fame, Beri and her mother. the City received in 2014, becoming the stars of the TV series “Spotted family”. Later, the popularity grown cat brought a “dance” in front of the camera. Now Barry about four years.