Excluded from the liberal democratic party for stupidity Khudyakov was expelled from Tambov Duma



Tambov regional Duma have deprived of the mandate of the Deputy of the Roman Khudyakov for failure to submit income declarations in due to the law, reports “Interfax” on Friday, April 14.

“We as people should follow the laws. All were warned in time to submit data on income and that a violation of the law entails the deprivation of parliamentary powers”, — said the speaker of the regional Parliament Yevgeny mother.

At the Duma meeting on Friday itself Khudyakov was absent. He explained to the Agency that failed to submit a Declaration within the period up to April 1, due to the illness.

Earlier Friday it was reported that the income Declaration published by the Kremlin officials and members of the Cabinet. The President of Russia last year earned of 8.86 million rubles, the Chairman of Russian government Dmitry Medvedev — 8,586 million.

Former state Duma Deputy Roman Khudyakov was elected Deputy of the Tambov regional Duma in September 2016 from the party “Rodina”. To be re-elected to the lower house of Parliament failed.

In June last year, the faction of the liberal Democrats in the lower house of Parliament withdrew from the composition of three members, including Khudyakov, for trying to go to other parties. In April, they were expelled from the party. “About to Khudyakov of the liberal democratic party there is in fact a common opinion: he was, to put it mildly, silly”, — stated in the message.