In the state Duma told about the financial benefits of assistance to Afghanistan

Alexander Sherin

The first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on defense Alexander shereen, the radio station “Moscow speaking” said that the assistance to Afghanistan can bring substantial benefits.

“In its budget, the Ministry of defense of Afghanistan provides an appropriate amount buys us modern weapons, our instructors arrive on their territory, officers are trained. Our engineers get jobs, pay for maintenance, repair this equipment,” — said the MP.

In addition, according to Sherina, cooperation with Kabul to help in the fight against illegal drug trafficking. “The benefit is that we will be present in this region, which allows us to carry out joint preventive work in the drug trafficking, that is, its localization and liquidation afterwards”, — said the Deputy.

Previously, on 16 April, the Director of the Department of policy and strategic planning Ministry of foreign Affairs of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Haidari appealed to Moscow with a request to provide support in logistics, maintenance and training of army and police.

In March, the Kabul appealed to Russia for help in restoring 124 economic facilities. In addition, Afghanistan, asks the Russian business to start investing in the country.

Until 2014, the Afghan army and police supplied US. After most of the soldiers of the NATO troops left the territory of the state, the country re-invigorated the Taliban (banned in Russia).