The Prosecutor’s office became interested in the death of a suspected theft of the product of the pensioner

In the case of the death of 78-year-old pensioner after the detention of her in the supermarket “Pyaterochka” is checked, according to the Prosecutor’s office of Sverdlovsk region.

The incident happened in the spring of 2016. The staff of the store security suspected the elderly woman in theft of the product. They have caused the police took the pensioner to the police Department, where she felt unwell. The ambulance took the woman to hospital where she two days later died.

In the course of Supervisory activities of the Prosecutor’s office will assess the actions of the store security, the basis for the delivery of the pensioner to the police Department and the timeliness of call ambulance. The Prosecutor’s office to find out, did the old woman help the police Department, before arrival of physicians. The results of the audit if there are grounds will be taken prosecutorial response.

Deputy head of the press service GU MVD in Sverdlovsk region Nina Pelevin said that the fact of bringing an elderly woman to the police Department representatives of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in Yekaterinburg has been audited and “in actions of employees of violations not provided”.

In April 2016 in St. Petersburg for two months arrested the security guard of shop “Pjaterochka” who attacked 89-year-old shoppers suspected of stealing products.