The Kremlin found Russophobes at the headquarters of Macron

In the Kremlin doubt that the accusations of Russian involvement in cyber attacks on the campaign headquarters of the candidate in presidents of France Emmanuel Makron supported by evidence. This was stated press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov on Friday, April 14, reports RIA Novosti.

“I am convinced that the members of the electoral headquarters of Macron will not be able to articulate if you ask them on what basis these charges,” — said the official representative of the Kremlin. He noted that in such cases, opponents are often guided by the principle “Russia must be to blame”.

“It’s unprofessional, it’s unfriendly to Russia is Russophobic”, — said Peskov. He added that Moscow can only consistently point to the lack of evidence and the futility of such accusations.

3 APR RNS with reference to the French Le Journal du Dimanche reported that the party of Emmanuel Macron “Forward,” notes a decrease in the number of “fake news” about the candidate, the distribution of which she was accused of Russian and Ukrainian hackers.

In mid-February, comrade Macron, General Secretary of the movement “Forward” Richard Ferrand stated that their pre-election headquarters subjected to thousands of cyber attacks from Russian territory. He also said that the Russian edition of every day publish “fake news” about their movement. The Kremlin said that Moscow never interfered and does not intend to interfere in the Affairs of other States, especially elections.

Presidential elections in France will take place on 23 April and 7 may. In addition to Macron, the main candidates for the main state post of the country are considered to be françois Fillon from the party “the Republicans” and the party leader “national front” marine Le Pen.