Lavrov responded to charges the fugitive General to the address of Assad

Sergei Lavrov

The statement of the fugitive Syrian General that Damascus had concealed stockpiles of chemical weapons could be done under pressure. This view, according to TASS, was expressed by the foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov.

“I have read reports about the statements of the fugitive Syrian General. They imply that he ran in 2013. In the same year had been Russian-American agreement in the Hague and new York, on the chemical disarmament of Syria in accordance with their accession to the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons,” — said the Minister.

He recalled that the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) in 2014 has received from the Syrian government data on stockpiles of chemical weapons. “The total amount of chemicals to be destroyed, was fixed at 1.3 million tons, while the General said that all chemical weapons have been two thousand tons. But why the General, if he knew about two thousand tons, three years without speaking?” asked Lavrov.

“So I think any sensible person understands that the General was stimulated by either the carrot or the stick” — summed up the Russian foreign Minister.

14 April the Guardian published an interview with Syrian General Zaher al-Sakata, who claims that President Bashar al-Assad managed to hide hundreds of tons of chemical weapons. Speech, in particular, is coming of Zarine.

April 4 was made of a chemical attack on opposition-controlled Syrian town of Khan shaykhun (Idlib). According to the world health organization, 84 people have been killed, almost 600 injured.

Some countries, such as United States, accused Damascus in the use of chemical weapons. Three days later the us military by order of the President of Donald trump has struck cruise missiles on a government air base Shirt (province of HOMS), where, as suggested in Washington, Syrian planes flew in Khan Shaykhun.