Canadian woman left her boyfriend to travel around the world on a motorcycle

Canadian woman left her boyfriend to travel around the world on a motorcycle

If someone inspires you, something you can’t prove that he’s wrong. A resident of Canada Nikki Misurelli went on a motorcycle trip, after her ex-boyfriend said that she with such a task will fail.

Publication from Nikki Misurelli (@alaskamotogirl) APR 12 2017, 6:58 PDT

On the exploits of 30-year-old canadian woman drew the attention of Mashable. Misurelli blogs in social networks under the pseudonym Alaska Moto Girl. Last year she broke up with her boyfriend, who was planning a trip on a motorcycle from Alaska to Argentina.

When the girl asked him if she could join, he replied that it was a “men’s journey” that will be “too dangerous and difficult” for her.

Publication from Nikki Misurelli (@alaskamotogirl) Oct 29 2015 11:32 PDT

Misurelli decided that no man is worthy to deprive her of the adventures, so I broke up with her boyfriend, sold nearly all his possessions, took a minimum of belongings, sat down on the motorcycle and rode to Argentina.

“Many people think I’m rich. But it’s not. I have no house and property. I took all their savings and sold most of their belongings. It’s amazing how little we actually need in life,” says Nikki.

Six months into the trip, she visited nine countries, including Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Austria, Slovenia and Morocco.

Publication from Nikki Misurelli (@alaskamotogirl) Mar 12 2017 at 4:30 PDT

Traveler between trips works part-time for minimum wage, sometimes she sleeps, where necessary, for example, in a road tunnel in Italy.
Nikki is happy and thinks her example can inspire other women who need to travel for himself.

Misurelli no plans to stop. Soon she’s going to find a part time job in America or Australia to get back on the road: “to Live and travel is not always easy, but I see that it makes me physically resilient and broadens horizons. I’m learning more about myself and about other people.”

On his travels, Nikki tells us in Facebook and Instagram.

Publication from Nikki Misurelli (@alaskamotogirl) May 23 2016 2:31 PDT