In the United States for the first time a doctor was accused of carrying out female circumcision

Joumana Of Nagarwala

A woman doctor from the American city of Detroit to Nagarwala Juman (Jumana Nagarwala) was accused of carrying out female circumcision. On 14 April, reports BBC News.

On its activities to the law enforcement bodies became known after the local residents. Woman faces life in prison. This is the first case in the country, when such an accusation is filed with the health worker.

According to investigators, Nagarwala for 12 years mutilated girls aged 6 to 12 years. “Mutilation of the female genitals — a particularly brutal form of violence against girls and women. In the United States, among other things, this serious criminal act,” said acting attorney Daniel Lemish.

According to him, in modern society there is no place for such “procedures”, and ovecame children of criminals will be prosecuted. Family denies that he committed the alleged acts.

In 2006, a migrant from Ethiopia, was sentenced to 10 years in prison, alleging that the beating aggravated and cruelty to children: a man for five years before that mutilated the genitals of their two year old daughter with scissors.