In the state Duma proposed to deport the migrants at their expense


RIA Novosti

The Deputy of the state Duma Vladimir Sysoev has prepared a draft law (a copy is in RT), according to which, migrants will be obliged to have at the entrance to Russia the policy of obligatory insurance of risk of deportation or administrative expulsion. The bill will be introduced on Friday, April 14.

“Currently, our country ranks second in the world in the number of persons on its territory migrants. Total of such persons in Russia amounts to more than 10 million people, or 7% of the total population. I propose to require migrants to pay the expenses for the deportation — this will not only significantly reduce the cost of the Federal budget for these activities, but also will accelerate the expulsion of gentlemen of good luck to their homeland,” — said the Deputy of the RT.

According to the General Directorate for migration, Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia, on average only 40-45 percent of foreign nationals subject to administrative expulsion, go to the expense of own funds or the funds of the inviting party. In other cases, the costs of deportation or administrative expulsion of migrants lies with the state. If the bill is adopted, the sum insured for deportation would amount to 100 thousand rubles.