The Federation Council approved the law on the procedure for conducting searches of lawyers


RIA Novosti

The upper house of Parliament approved a law specifying the authority of lawyers and the procedure of their searches. The decision was taken at the meeting of the Federation Council.

Earlier, the state Duma adopted in third reading a new law clarifying the powers of lawyers and the procedure of their searches. “Search the lawyer can only be made on the basis of a judicial decision, which must state the specific we find the objects and data that serve as the basis for the search, seizure law dossier as a whole during the search is inadmissible, there may be no photographing, filming, video recording or other fixation materials law dossier”, – said in the text of the law.

In addition, to eliminate the practice of allowing admission of the lawyer to participate in the criminal procedure code (CPC) of the Russian Federation amended, according to which the lawyer engages in a criminal case, and not allowed to participate in it and have all the procedural rights from the moment of entry into the process.

Also according to the law, the defender shall not be permitted to participate in the investigation, if made at his request or at the request of the suspect or accused. Also the defense can not be denied that involvement in criminal proceedings specialist for clarification of matters within his professional competence. Also in the case of amendments, the lawyers will not be able to refuse communion to the materials of the criminal case of evidence, if the circumstances, the establishment of which they seek, are important for the criminal case and confirmed these evidence.