Putin outlined the main purpose of the stay of the Russian military in Syria

The actions of Russian troops in Syria are designed to prevent the return of terrorists on Russian territory. This was stated by President Vladimir Putin in interview to TV channel “World 24”, published on Wednesday, April 12.

“Our soldiers, our group, which is fighting with international terrorists in another territory, not on Russian, it was that no one was able to return,” he said.

The head of state noted that rare cases of the return of militants in Russia confirm that “we made the right choice.”

In the interview the President also said that permits cancellation of decisions on granting Russian citizenship involved in terrorism to others. According to him, the matter will be discussed with lawyers.

Moreover, Putin accused the allies of Washington in mindless support of a missile strike on the Syrian airfield shirt. He stressed that the evidence on the use of government forces of Syria’s chemical weapons, which was the reason for the strike, not shown, while a violation of international law by the United States — “an obvious fact”.

The Russian air group was deployed in Syria in September 2015 at the request of Damascus, and then joined in the fight against terrorist groups.