Mother of many children Svetlana Del was detained in Moscow

Svetlana Del

In Moscow, police detained the mother of many children Svetlana Del for failure to fulfill parental responsibilities. This was reported by the source “”.

According to the source, Del detained in the framework of the initiated earlier criminal case under article 156 of the criminal code (“neglect of duties on education of minors”).

In January from the family of Del seized 10 children after the kindergarten teacher found the body of one of them bruises. It was found that the beatings inflicted Svetlana’s husband Michael. On the same day the guardianship took the boy along with the other nine children, most with physical examination was diagnosed with HIV.

Eight of them were hospitalized, two were sent to the social shelter, where they gave the grandmother to St. Petersburg. Discharged from the hospital later sent to the support Center of families and children “Zelenograd”. As reported in Department of work and social protection of population of Moscow, in a conversation with a psychologist children have confirmed the fact of beatings by the father. The mother denied this, insisting that their pupils lead an active lifestyle and bruises they often arise by themselves.

Now the two older children and one blood child are with the mother. All in the family had 12 foster children and one mother.

As reported by “Interfax”, Michael-Sharing in March was found guilty of assault and sentenced to 90 hours of obligatory works.