Who lost six children deaf-mute resident of the Urals was accused of hypocrisy

In the custody of the city of Alapaevsk (Sverdlovsk oblast) commented on the situation with the seizure of six children of deaf local resident Oksana Beloborodova. As reported April 10, the portal “Глухих.net” the head of the local governance of social policy of the Ministry of social policy of the region Olga Sysoeva accused the woman of hypocrisy.

“Yes, she understands all right. Well she reads lips, she reads the texts. A human deprived of her due to her irresponsibility towards children. They were left without supervision, the woman often drank,” says the clerk.

The story of Oksana Beloborodova appeared in the media late last week. It was reported that a woman after leaving her husband from the family three years ago have lost their parental rights to six daughters. It was supposed to happen due to the fact that she could not represent their interests in court in the absence of the interpreter. In addition, in recognition of the inhabitant of the Kirov, she has only five years of education and she doesn’t understand many of the terms.

“Social services I have made, that does not help them study and do not deal with them a moral upbringing, but I can neither hear nor speak,” said Beloborodov. She also said that some time ago was in the hospital with a six-month old son, the guardianship had tried to seize him. However, on hearing the woman came with her friend-interpreter and won the case, the boy should return within two months.

Portal “Глухих.net” he noted that, despite this, to take back daughters Beloborodova will not succeed, because they have taken in another family.

Commenting on this information, the Prosecutor’s office in the Sverdlovsk region promised to conduct an audit. Also on 10 April, spoke and first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation Elena Mizulina. She called the case outrageous, “but not isolated”. “Every day in Russia from families on various pretexts removed 159 children. How many of them separated from their parents when there is a real reason — the real threat to the life and health of a child?” — quotes the words of Senator RIA Novosti.