Turkish experts reported the use of sarin in Idlib

Idlib, Syria

Turkish experts came to the conclusion that during a chemical attack in the Syrian city of Khan shaykhun (Idlib) were used sarin gas. It is reported by Anadolu.

Health Minister Recep Akdag reported that in the blood and urine of Syrians affected by the application of toxic substances detected metabolite of this gas.

April 7, U.S. army by order of the President of Donald trump has struck cruise missiles on the airfield shirt used by government forces in Syria. Before that, Washington has accused Damascus in the use of toxic substances during the air attack in Idlib province.

Three days earlier, an unidentified aircraft dropped on opposition-controlled city of Khan shaykhun ammunition, killing at least 58 people, including 11 children, and about 200 people were injured. The Syrian opposition and Western countries accuse the air force attack the government troops.

In Damascus said that the army did not use and not to use chemical weapons on the battlefield. Meanwhile, the defense Ministry of Russia said that the Syrian air force struck near the outskirts of the village of Khan shaykhun in Idlib province on arsenals of chemical weapons.