Kremlin Fund picked up the abbreviation and structure

Kremlin Fund picked up the abbreviation and structure

“Expert Institute for social research” monitoring of the electoral regions.

As it became known””, the work was started a new non-profit organization “Expert Institute for social research” (EISI), which will become an expert platform for the presidential administration (AP). The founders of the Institute became the nation’s leading universities, the Board of Directors headed by the Dean of the faculty of political science of the Moscow state University Andrey Shutov, the Board of Trustees — the head of the Supreme Council of “United Russia” Boris Gryzlov. One of the functions of the organization included working with the expert community and the monitoring regions where fall elections should take place. It was entrusted to the ex-employee of AP Andrey Colageno.

According to the Unified state register of legal entities, the institution was in the form of Autonomous non-commercial organization (NCO), on 20 March this year. Legal address: Krasnopresnenskaya embankment, 12. His activities are “research and experimental development on social Sciences and Humanities”.

The Institute has six founders: Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov, Saint Petersburg state University, Leningrad state University. A. S. Pushkin, the national research University “Higher school of Economics” and Russian Association on public relations (RASO) and the Russian society of political scientists. “We supported the creation of such an organization, with me as the profile Vice-President, agreed, I very much supported it,” confirmed “Kommersant” the strategist, Vice President of RASO Yevgeny Minchenko.

Executive Director of the organization was Anna Fedulkina. She is the Executive Director of the company “polylog”, which is considered close to Deputy head of internal policy Department of the President (UVP) Alexander Kharichev. As expected, Boris Gryzlov will head the Board of Trustees of the organization and Chairman of the Board of Directors is Andrei Shutov (he is also the co-chair of the Russian society of political scientists). That the Department of internal policy (Ohr) AP can draw Mr. Shutov to work with experts, “Kommersant” wrote on January 23. “Yes, there is,” said Andrey Shutov to the question “Kommersant” about whether he will lead the organization’s Board of Directors. However, he noted that “prior to official functioning of the” Institute to talk more about his activities doesn’t want to.

According to “Kommersant”, the Fund has already allocated two directions for regional policy and work with the expert community. The first will deal with the political strategist Andrey Kolyadin, head of the Department of regional policy at the Department of internal Affairs Vladislav Surkov. According to “Kommersant”, it is tasked with monitoring the situation in 16 regions, where gubernatorial elections will be held in the fall. Monitoring should reveal all the pre-election risks to Ohr in a timely manner to eliminate them. Andrey Kolyadin confirmed “Kommersant” that will monitor in AISE, but not yet started to talk about the details. The second direction, according to “Kommersant”, can engage in political consultant Gleb Kuznetsov. He told “Kommersant” that “knows nothing about it”.

Recall that when the first Deputy head of the AP, in charge of the domestic unit, was Vyacheslav Volodin, monitoring of electoral regions studied are close to the Kremlin Fund “Institute of socio-economic and political studies” under the leadership of Dmitry Badovsky. This was specially employed by political scientists and strategists, each of which were fixed 1-3 in the region.

Taisia Bekbulatova HT