Klintsevich has not ruled out a new U.S. strikes on Syria


RIA Novosti

The US can strike blows to Syria. This opinion was expressed by TASS first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council’s security and defense Franz Klintsevich, commenting on the recent statements by us politicians about the situation in Syria.

“Apparently, the US establishment has finally convinced themselves that their country is the Supreme arbiter in the world. This is a very dangerous delusion that can lead US on new adventures. For example, I do not exclude the possibility of new attacks on Syria,” – said the Senator.

He added that this logic is placed and the proposal of a group of U.S. senators to create a “hybrid Tribunal” in Syria. “It comes into clear contradiction with international law, and its implementation will mean a gross interference in the internal Affairs of a sovereign country,” – said the MP. However, he lamented that “little things” do not care about American legislators.

It is also clear that such proposals are a direct result of American missile strike on the Syrian airfield, concluded the Senator.

However, Klintsevich said that in the current situation, you need to remain calm, despite the fact that the situation is changing rapidly.