The ladder crashed into the plane at Pulkovo

In St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo airport, when the jet bridge was damaged Stripping the aircraft of China Southern Airlines, reported on the website of the North-Western investigatory management on transport of Investigatory Committee. Started checking.

In the cabin there were 70 people. All the passengers were lifted aboard and placed in the hotel. None of them for medical assistance is not addressed.

As reports TV channel “Saint-Petersburg”, the incident occurred on Sunday, April 9. The flight was postponed for a day.

In March EN route to St. Petersburg the plane “Belavia” following flight from Minsk was forced to land due to a collision with a flock of birds at an altitude of about 150 meters.

In February at the Istanbul airport Ataturk airliner Turkish Airlines collided with a bus in which there were passengers. As a result of emergency on the bow of the aircraft left a dent. Hurt anyone in a collision, was not specified.