McCain is charged with the administration trump partial blame for the chemical attack in Idlib

John McCain

The Chairman of the Senate Committee on armed services of the U.S. Congress, Republican John McCain stated that the White house is partially responsible for the attack using chemical weapons in the Syrian province of Idlib. He stated this on Sunday, April 9, in an interview with CBS.

According to McCain, this resulted in late March, before the incident, the statement that the removal of President Bashar al-Assad from power was not a major priority of Washington made by the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson. “I think that it is probably partially to blame,” said the Senator.

He stressed that he did not agree with the position Tillerson, according to which the United States must first eliminate the terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) and then “deal” with the Assad regime.

On the night of 7 April, the United States by order of the President of Donald trump has struck cruise missiles on the airfield shirt used by government forces in Syria. This was done after reports of the Syrian opposition about the alleged use of loyal Assad forces of chemical weapons in Idlib, with the result that 80 people were killed and about 200 injured. Official Damascus denies any involvement in the incident.