Kayaker swam through a puddle in the center of Omsk

The man in the canoe swam in the huge pool in the center of Omsk. His act athlete-Vodnik attracted the attention of urban services to the state of the roads. This was reported by the news Agency of Omsk “City of 55”.

A huge puddle with the arrival of warmth appeared on the Zhukov street along the tram tracks opposite the Cossack market.

“Puddles in Omsk in the spring — this is actually the new infrastructure, along with roads and sidewalks. Global spill often leads to the omission of relevant organizations responsible for the cleaning of a single area or region” — writes the news Agency.

In a few hours the news of the rower in the centre of the town spread through the social network and urban media. After a few hours the employees of the public service using the pumps drained “Zhukovsky channel”.

Pictures of the road, on the spot where until recently there was a huge puddle appeared in the group of “Emergency Omsk” in “Vkontakte”. “A puddle on Zhukov pumped. Mysterious kayaker, waiting for the next races,” write the band.

The action of a kayaker not the first in the history of Omsk revealing swim. In the spring of 2016, the network has a video in which two men with a flag floating in the street in a rubber boat.