Beijing authorities promised a reward for information about foreign spies

Beijing authorities promised a reward for information about foreign spies

BEIJING, April 10 — RIA Novosti, Zhanna Manukyan. Authorities in Beijing have announced a new program of monetary compensation to citizens of up to 500 thousand yuan (72,4 thousand dollars) for providing information about the activities of spies and foreign intelligence agencies, follows from the relevant decision by the public security Bureau of Beijing, distributed by the Chinese media.

On Monday morning, the office published “the Program of encouragement of the citizens for the exposing of espionage activities,” According to the document, the citizens who provided vital information to aid in the prevention and suppression of espionage activities in the country can obtain the maximum monetary compensation 500 thousand yuan.

According to the representative of the Ministry of public security of the city, whose words are given along with the published document, foreign intelligence services, spies and “other hostile forces” using the constant increase of contacts with foreign countries, increase in the number of those leaving and entering the country, increased the “political penetration, separatist activities, incitement to rebellion and other types of subversive activities.”

It is reported that in China “a very small number of elements is actively seeking the support of foreign agents and intelligence services. In addition, some individuals from the selfish goals of “selling the interests of the state, which creates favorable conditions for foreign intelligence services. It is noted that Beijing, as the capital became the main target of foreign spies.

In the published document, consisting of 12 articles, itemized prices for the information provided, which depend on its importance. Revealed the activities of spies, citizens can inform on the corresponding phone, send a letter or personally appear in the KGB office. Authorities warn that citizens are responsible before the law for misleading information and spreading false information.