Diplomats confirmed the detention of a Russian citizen in Spain at the request of the U.S.

Russian Embassy in Madrid has confirmed the detention of the Russian citizen Pyotr Levashov. On Sunday, April 9, the head of the consular Department Andrey Konstantinov told RIA Novosti.

Attache of the Consulate General of Russia in Barcelona Stanislav Petrunichev, in turn, reported that the Russians are given all necessary consular assistance, contact was maintained with the police and with his wife Levashov.

He is a programmer. He was detained at the request of the U.S. in Barcelona, where he was vacationing with his wife. According to her, the police broke into their apartment in the night, showed some documents without printing and stated that he supposedly created the virus that led Donald trump to victory in the presidential election in the United States. She reported that a court in Barcelona has already held a meeting with the Madrid court via Skype, during which the decision was made to arrest the Russian.

Jan 13, in Spain, was detained another Russian programmer, Stanislav Lisov. USA suspect him in the development of the NeverQuest malware used to steal banking credentials. March 14, the U.S. side handed over to the authorities of the Kingdom of the documents necessary for extradition of the programmer.