Crimean beckoned visa-free travel to Europe


RIA Novosti

The inhabitants of the Crimea with Ukrainian passports will be able to receive biometric document for visa-free travel to Europe. This statement was made by Deputy Director of Department of European Union Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Serhii Saenko. His words RIA Novosti reported.

Sayenko added that to the paperwork required on the territory of Ukraine. On 6 April the European Parliament approved the introduction of visa-free regime with Ukraine. The liberalization of the visa regime for short trips only and does not provide the right to work. Only visa-free regime allows to travel freely to 22 countries of the Schengen area, four countries that are not members of the European Union (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland and four candidate countries for accession to the Schengen area (Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus). In order for a visa-free regime entered into force, it needs to support the Committee of permanent representatives of member countries of the EU with subsequent approval by the EU Council. These procedures will take about two months. After joining the Crimea to Russia in March 2014, 98% of the residents received Russian citizenship.