Poland condemned the location of the Katyn reminders of the fallen soldiers

Poland condemned the location of the Katyn reminders of the fallen soldiers

The Polish foreign Ministry has condemned the appearance in the stands of the memorial complex in Katyn information about the red army soldiers who died in Polish captivity in 1919 — 1921.

A statement published on the Agency’s website.

Outrage Warsaw was the fact that during the reconstruction information of the fallen soldiers were placed on information stands in the military cemetery of Polish soldiers killed in Katyn.

The Polish foreign Ministry said that the data on the number of dead Soviet soldiers “several times higher than the actual number that have been confirmed by Polish and Russian historians”

In addition, the Department stressed that many of the soldiers captured during the Polish-Soviet war 1919 — 1921, died in Poland not because of the conditions in the camps “as a result of the dramatic economic situation faced by the Polish land after a long struggle for independence.” These difficult economic conditions, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Poland, equally affected the Soviet prisoners of war and inhabitants of Poland.

The question of the number and causes of deaths of the Soviet soldiers captured during the Polish-Soviet war is a controversial moment in the history of the two countries. According to various estimates, the number of Soviet soldiers who died in Polish captivity ranges from 15 to 80 thousand Causes of death in most cases was the outbreak of epidemics, harsh conditions and hunger.

On the reconstruction of the memorial in Katyn in late January, said the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky. He stressed that in addition to the improvement of the cemeteries of Soviet prisoners of war in Katyn will also be reconstructed burial site of Soviet soldiers.

The memorial complex in Katyn dedicated to the Polish officers who died as a result of actions of the NKVD in 1940. In 1990, after the publication of documents on the fate of Polish prisoners of war, the Soviet Union admitted responsibility for the deaths of Polish soldiers. The responsibility for the executions was given to the organizers of repression in the USSR, including Lawrence Beria. In 2012, the European court of human rights (ECHR) has recognized the mass execution of Polish officers in Katyn a war crime.