In GD a US strike on a base in Syria called policy of double standards



The application of Washington’s missile attack on the base in Syria is a policy of double standards from the United States, said the Chairman of the Duma Committee on defence Yury Shvydkin.

USA at night on Friday made a rocket attack on a government base in Syria with cruise missiles based on ships of the U.S. Navy. According to the Pentagon, there were 59 missiles. It was noted that the purpose of the missile strike, the US was an airfield in Shayrat, Syria.

“The policy of double standards again used by the US, in another way will not name. Today once again convinced that the United States uses “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization) as a tool for solving its geopolitical interests, and causes outrage or misunderstanding that air strikes against those forces, in this case a military base in HOMS, the army SAR, who today are fighting terrorism, with ISIS*”, — told RIA Novosti Switchin.

“Question: who are fighting against the US? Against ISIS or against those forces that are fighting ISIS?”, he added.

* The terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG) is prohibited in Russia.