In Colombia more than 100 children died in the mudflow

In Colombia more than 100 children died in the mudflow

MEXICO city, April 8 — RIA Novosti. At least 102 children died in Colombia as a result of the mudflow, which struck last week on the city of Mocoa, announced Friday by the national office of disaster risk.

According to the latest data of the Ministry, total killed 314 people. Earlier it was reported about the 301 victims of the disaster. Another 332 people were injured. Now the relatives for burial issued by the bodies of 247 victims.

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Las inundaciones y aluviones de #Mocoa #Colombia superan los 300 fallecidos

— Jorge Favaloro (@JorgeFavaloro) 6 APR 2017

The authorities also collected data on 127 missing. Among them are three foreigners — citizens of Spain, Germany and Ecuador.

#Internacional | Ya suman 301 los #muertos por avalanchas en #Mocoa

— Intolerancia Diario (@IntoleranciaID) 6 APR 2017

On the night of April 1, flooded after heavy rains the river Mocoa, Sangoco and Mulatos caused a mudslide on the town of Mocoa. The city was badly damaged, the streets were filled with streams of mud and huge boulders, broken water, electricity and gas.