Commissioned in Moscow adopted children returned to Kaliningrad

Anton Alikhanov

Adopted children whose adoptive parents have passed in the Moscow orphanage, returned to Kaliningrad oblast. About TASS reported the press Secretary of the head of the region Valery Rodina.

According to the Homeland, all the children returned to Kaliningrad oblast, despite the fact that three of them were taken into care in Petrozavodsk. “We made the decision to return to the region of all seven children, as we believe it impossible to divide children on and another’s”, — she quoted the acting Governor Anton Alikhanov. During rehabilitation they will live all together in the Center of promotion of family education “Our house” (city Zelenogradsk).

We are searching for a new foster family. “In this matter there can be no haste. We will approach the special care that children who have experienced serious stress in the new family was the most comfortable,” said the chief Executive officer. According to him, the regional authorities are ready to provide the family home. “In addition, they will need support, perhaps, the help of psychologists, and all of this support we will provide in full. I keep this situation under personal control”, — he added.

In early April it became known that the family of seven adopted children from three to 12 years, who moved to Moscow, passed all the students in the Moscow children’s homes. It was reported that it happened due to the failure to increase benefits to the level of capital. Moscow officials accused the adoptive parents in an attempt to make the adoption business.