In Stockholm drove a truck into people at the Mall

In Stockholm drove a truck into people at the Mall

In Stockholm, the truck drove into the crowd around the Mall, according to local newspaper Aftonbladet. According to preliminary data, killed at least three people.


In Stockholm, the truck drove into the audience gathered at the Ahlens shopping centre Mall on the main pedestrian street Drottninggatan, according to local newspaper Aftonbladet. The police received the message about the incident at 14:53 local time. Previously received information about the shooting at the scene have not yet been confirmed, says the Ministry.

Reuters said citing the statement of the official representative of the local police that the accident killed three people.

Victims may be more, said the correspondent of radio SverigeRadio.

I saw at least three dead, but there could be more. Here full bordkortholder radio SverigeRadio

The correspondent of Aftonbladet reports from the scene that two people lying on the ground, at the scene police work, adjacent to the shopping centre the streets are blocked. Officers are asking people to they did not come to the scene, warning of the dangers of a terrorist act. “This is not a joke,” — warn the police, the correspondent of the publication. At the scene the smoke was visible.

Witnesses from the scene told the publication that people in a panic ran from the scene.

At the place of work medics and SverigeRadio correspondent reported that he saw at least five ambulances.

The correspondent of Aftonbladet said that the police asked store owners in the Mall and near the scene not to leave jobs. A source in law enforcement bodies has informed that does not exclude the version with the terrorist attack.

The press service of the transport company Storstockholms Lokaltrafik, which controls the operation of the public transport of Stockholm, announced the closure of the Stockholm metro.

Police are urging residents to refrain from visiting the town centre.

The truck is owned brewery Spendrups, it was stolen from a restaurant by day, the company reported the Expressen newspaper.

All we know is that our truck was involved in the incident. We talked with our driver, he told me that while unloading it out of the car, and someone sat in the cockpit and stole groovetransceiver company Spendrups

Previously eyewitnesses reported Aftonbladet that the driver of the truck was a man in a Balaclava.

The sources Aftonbladet in law enforcement Stockholm also reported a shootout at the metro station Fridhemsplan, official confirmation of this information yet. In addition, the same publication, citing its sources reported that halted all rail service in the city.

The TV station SVT confirms the data about closing of underground and reports that police cordoned off the Parliament building and the Royal Palace.

Prime Minister Stefan lofven said during a press conference that the suspect arrested, reports Expressen.

Sweden was attacked. Everything indicates that it was made trackster Levenseller-Minister Sociographic crashed into the people in Stockholm

Photos: Police detained one suspect in Stockholm via @AlertesNews

— Liveuamap (@Liveuamap) 7 APR 2017

Photos: Police detained one suspect in Stockholm via @AlertesNews

— Liveuamap (@Liveuamap) 7 APR 2017

The truck crashed into a crowd of people in Stockholm. There are dead.

— Peskov mustache (@Sandy_mustache) 7 APR 2017

Something’s happening on and around Drottninggatan Stockholm.

— Johnny Chadda (@johnnychadda) 7 APR 2017

— Johnny Chadda (@johnnychadda) 7 APR 2017

#Sweden – Truck rams against crowds in central #Stockholm at Drottninggatan/Kungsgatan intersection. Police report multiple injured.

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Just nu: stora avspärrningar mäster samuelsgatan.

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