In Serbia crashed a training jet

In Serbia in the course of performing a training flight crashed training aircraft “Super Galeb G-4” of the air force. It is reported Tanug.

Piloting aircraft, Lieutenant Colonel Nenad Culibrk and captain Dejan Pandurovic died.

To clarify the causes of the disaster on the basis of training and combat aircraft left the defense Minister of Serbia Zoran Djordjevic and commander of the air force ljubiša Dikovic.

“Super Galeb G-4” — Yugoslav light attack and training aircraft. The first flight on this type of machinery was held on 17 July 1978. Adopted by the air force of Yugoslavia in 1983. Was exported to Myanmar. Used in armed conflicts in the former Yugoslavia.

March 15, the su-30MKI of the Indian air force crashed in Rajasthan on the North-West of the country. The aircraft was performing a scheduled flight and had to land at the airbase Utterly, however, collapsed in the local village, hitting one of the houses. Both pilots ejected, they were not injured.