St. Petersburg set fire to the village because of terrorists

A resident of St. Petersburg Oleg Gerasimov confessed to the arson of several houses in the village of Lopez Volosovsky district of Leningrad region. He explained to police that he did it because supposedly located there groups of bandits. On Thursday, April 6, according to news portal

On ignition, total area of which amounted to 400 square meters, became known early on the morning of 5 April. According to the information portal of 11 residential buildings burned down nine. None of the villagers have not suffered basically, there are country houses and people mainly come there in the summer. In one of the houses there were two men, they called the fire Department.

For arson Gerasimov used a mixture of gasoline with oil, and under buildings on stilts, he lit bonfires. Hearing a siren, he got in his “Volga” and went towards to rescuers “to RAM head-on”. After the collision the man got out of the car and started spraying fire from a gas canister. “When they ran away, Oleg got the chainsaw and used it to knocked down on the road to Lapco spruce, and then disappeared into the forest,” the report States. As he returned to the city and why did you decide to go to the police does not specify.

The portal quotes the lines from the letter left by Gerasimov in his apartment. The beginning notes was a warning that the information contained in it, can be “deadly”. “In the village of Lopez created a base for future bandits and murderers. The local, who from the 90s and earlier, provide them with their homes. When will the confusion, the bandits will beat abandoned by the authorities, the population. In the village of Sebele their headquarters”, — the statement says.

When speaking with law enforcement officers, the man said that the burning of houses in the village pushed him to the news media about the recent attack in St. Petersburg, which allegedly confirmed his theory about the location of Lapse future terrorists.

Against Gerasimov’s criminal case under article 167 of the criminal code (“Intentional destruction or damage of property”). “The time is now anxious, let him sit in the chamber. And then the next time the headquarters of the “al-Qaeda” on Foundry, 4 find. Then you will have more news” — summed up the interlocutor of the portal in the police.