In the Senate of the United States showed “declassified” photo of Putin and Simonyan


RT in Russian

American democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen brought to a Senate hearing the big picture, which depicted the editor in chief of TV channel Russia Today Margarita Simonyan and Russian President Vladimir Putin. It is reported by RT.

According to the politician, the picture was taken from a declassified US intelligence report. “This photo shows what I think is happening with RT,” said şahin, adding that the photo Simonyan “tells Vladimir Putin about” channel.

The Senator stressed that “the Kremlin chooses employees of RT, and controls topics including misinformation and fake news”.

The representatives of the channel say that the photo in question was made in the decade of the RT, and it is in the public domain.

Earlier, Simonyan accused Shaheen McCarthyism [movement 1940-50-ies against “anti-American minded” – approx.ed.]. In March, the Senator introduced a bill giving the justice Department additional powers to investigate possible violations of U.S. law by the RT. According to Shaheen, she “has reasonable grounds to believe that RT News is coordinating its efforts with the Russian government for disseminating false information and undermining the democratic process” in the United States.